Design 2

High Rise Building:
Our semester was focused on a team project where we collaborated to design a 420′ multi-use high rise in an existing open lot in downtown Austin (right behind whole foods on 6th). We collectively created the idea and layout of the building and then proceeded to work individually to create the Architectural, Structural, and Mechanical layouts. My focus was on the mechanical design which mainly consisted of designing the HVAC systems and sizing all major mechanical units correctly for all residential, retail, and office space.

High Rise Revit Book 

Rendering 1             Mechanical Sheet 1

Retail Office Space         Residential Basic Floor


After completion of our high rise, I spent extra time creating more renderings and a small 3D site to explore the project more in depth. My overall desire with the 3D model was to go back and explore the site from the beginning- trying out multiple shapes and design languages.


New Cover Image          Rendering 2 (front view)

Rendering 3 (side view)         IMG_1923


Vartiation      IMG_1871

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